A unique proprietary program for retrieving vital data through a mail census. Used by many school districts and taxing authorities, it has enabled them to obtain data faster and more efficiently, while increasing accuracy and response, with lower costs.

We work directly with you to develop a customized mail census specific to your needs, while still taking advantage of the economies of other census taking authorities. Some benefits of a mail census:

  • Cost Savings: eliminate enumerator or in-house expense and turnaround, time saving process.
  • Faster turnaround time: get data response in days not weeks or months, everyone receives mail, and all forms are received at once.
  • Higher response rate: since it is not effected by weather or people not home, or privacy issues, and it is in writing- initial immediate response can be upwards of 90%.
  • User Friendly: households appreciate the case of use of the form, people say they like the form; easy and quick to read, write on and respond. Smooth, friendly process.
  • Credibility: nice, official looking form reflects positively and inspires response, envelope grabs attention.
  • Greater Accuracy: data verified directly by household, and any changes are written directly to form.
  • Outsourced: significant time saving process, smoother and easier.
  • Data Collection: mapping of districts and data collection through scanned forms and proprietary online census website.

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