Tax Collection and Business Billing Statements

School Districts, Municipalities, Tax Bureaus - A state of the art unique proprietary and automated tax collection process of custom designing, printing, matching, and mailing your tax bills. Initially, setup as a joint pilot effort with the local county school districts as a total automated collection  process, the success of this one of a kind process lead to interest from many other taxing authorities as well. Now also offering this special program to new taxing authorities.

Business Billing Statements - Unique and highly customized automated statement collection process designed to effectively increase your cash flow and availability of funds, while reducing your time and costs of postage, production, and collection.  This streamlined process uses the latest micr and ocr technology in conjunction with your bank to exceed your expectations.  From statement design to mailing, we take care of everything.  Let us assist you with your statement collection process.

Working closely with you, we design a billing statement which will make for a more  efficient process. Payments are automatically processed through your local bank,  providing immediate availability of funds, increasing significantly interest income. A special automated system enables quick updating of payments directly to you.

This tax collection process provides:

  • Cost and time savings
  • Automated collections process
  • Immediate availability of funds and greater interest income
  • Postage savings- lowest automated rates
  • Taxpayer friendly
  • Additional area to communicate with taxpayer, as well as the ability to include additional inserts postage free
  • Customized to your needs specifically in design, but takes advantage of economies of other districts.
  • Ensured bank compliance and U.S.P.S compliance
  • Highly credible, official looking easy to use statement
  • Special matching in same envelope of tax bills to household family members

A unique customized billing statement process that will completely streamline your payment collection and increase cash flow in a very significant manner. An automated process that provides immediate availability of funds at your local bank and updates your billing collections as well.

We can design a custom bill that provides greater communication with and acceptance with the recipient.

DHF Associates billing process enables you to:

  • Streamline and automate the collection process
  • Save time and money
  • Increase cash flow and availability of funds
  • Reduce postage
  • Match bills
  • Communicate more with customer on bill or with tag along inserts
  • User friendly forms
  • Not worry about bank or postal compliance- we take care of everything
  • Faster turnaround
  • Control and customize the process to your needs

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